Molt, Baby, Molt

molting hen
molting hen

So we started in the chicken business last spring when we ordered 30 chicks–15 araucana pullets (girls) and 15 cornish cross chicks (freakishly fast growing meat birds).  10 of those original 15 hens survive today.  Lily named them all Charlotte–except for one and her name is Trouble.  I will tell that story later. 

Anyway, the Charlottes and Trouble are now about 18 months old.  Some of them have begun the process of molting.  This means they drop their feathers and grow new ones.  Thier bodies stop the laying process and store nutrients for the molting.  The picture does not do it justice, but this grey Charlotte is starting to lose her feathers.  Jethro, the main man, wanted to be in the picture.  Molting can last 2-4 months.
Also, to announce that 2 of our new hens are broody.  That means they are sitting on eggs.  This is our first go round with expectant mothers and I am a little concerned about the timing.  But we will let nature take it’s course and support these ladies.  Pictures and more info soon.

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