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Carrots from Lily's garden
Carrots from Lily's garden


We are flirting daily with hard frosts and well on our way to a freeze.  So, things are winding up in the garden.  Lost quite a bit of raspberries due to being sick and just not getting out there.  The tomatillos are still covered with fruit.  I have canned so much–more than I can foresee us using.  May make one more run though.  The ground cherries are also covered, but the same applies.  How many ground cherries can one family use?

Lily and I did go out and dig the last of the carrots.  I was surprised what great shape they are in.  I think I will try to slice and dehydrate some for easy additions to soups and stews.

We picked a ton of pears at Misty and Andrew’s place. Since they are moving out of the country, they have no use for them.  Pears have to be ripened after coming off the tree.  My research said to chill them (I put into back fridge) and then lay them out to ripen.  It seems to be working.  Will try them in the dehydrator, make jam, and perhaps juice.  As well as lots of roasted pears!

About one week ago, White Pants, our would be mama, got off her nest and did not go back.  So, no baby chicks right now.  I wonder why things changed hormonally for her, but would rather have her throw in the towel of her own accord than having to be forced off a nest of unhatched eggs.  The timed lighting in the barn seems to be going well and we are getting 8-12 eggs a day. 

Lily and I opened up the second pasture for the goat kids and they are happily munching away.  I hope the green holds on for awhile for their sakes. 

So, as the growing season ends, my thoughts turn to winter projects.  Number one farm project for winter is getting ready and educated to bring bees in this coming spring.  Also, I have pledged to try at least one new recipe every week to deepen my cooking repertoire.  So far, Julia Child’s Boef Bourguinon and Elana Amsterdam’s shrimp fritters have been huge successes.

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