Gearing Up

I am catching the fever early this year and already have some kale and lettuce growing indoors.  I put my new potmaker to work and started some broccoli and various greens I hope I can finish in the greenhouse in early spring.  I took some pics of my seed organizing and also of the potmaker.  The potmaker is advertised to use with newspaper to create individual, biodegradable transplant pots.  It is ingeniously simple.  I ran some test and I think it works better with a stiffer paper.  I use the 8.5 x 11 receipts from our business after I digitally file them.  I just cut them in half long ways and add one staple to hold the whole thing together.  Check it out:


3 Comments on “Gearing Up

  1. Kirsten-Did you say you were looking into “soil-making” as a new interest? I’m hoping for a how-to blog about it. I just hate the idea of going out and buying “dirt” in a plastic bag. Anything I can do now in Winter?

    • No I haven’t thought of doing that. There is a Mother Earth article I was just looking at the other day. Here is a link to it:
      Basically boils down to compost and garden soil. I get mine from my neighbor who runs a greenhouse. They are great people, do an amazing job with the greenhouse, and I feel better supporting my neighbor instead of a big box store. She also has enormous bags which make it less wasteful.

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