Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally

This is going to be quick.  It’s time to put Lily to bed and I want to get this out in case anyone wants to try this.  The basic “recipe” is to blend the respective fruit or veggie with hot water in the blender.  Heat it in a pan until it boils, strain it, let it cool, and a  big glug of white vinegar.  Now, everyone will want to know how much, but I did not measure.  SO, use a couple of handfuls and about 2 cups of water.  I will put an asterisk by the colors that worked very well, 2 for amazing, 1 for good, 0 for so-so.  They all worked, but some had to stay in quite a while to get some color.

**Beets-red  (yes, I ground them up raw)

*Red Cabbage (stinky)–lavender


**Kale–green  ( I think grass would work great too)

*Saffron and Tumeric-yellow (I used about 4 TB tumeric)

Achiote (aka Annato) and Saffron–orange

*Beet and Red Cabbage-Brighter purple

The pictures above show the red cabbage in process, all the 7 colors lined up, and some close-ups shots of the strained out pulp.  We had a playgroup the next days and the kids had a great time using the colors.

One Comment on “Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally

  1. Thanks for sharing Kirsten! Do you mind if I send this link along to others? We had a great time on your farm!!!

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