Eating Local and Community

Lily and I headed down to the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning to do a little shopping for the house and for the restaurant.  Honestly, we grow enough of our own now and our freezers are well stocked with meat so there really isn’t much I need to buy.  I would not miss a market however.   Lily and I ran into 12 people who we stopped and talked to.  That would never happen at Kroger.  There is a real sense of like-minded community that comes along with the market.   It is more than a fresh air supermarket.  What our high-tech, uber-mobile lives we have lost  the sense of being a part of a community.  I consider many of the farmer’s my friends.  I have learned a lot from them and enjoy their company.   Being able to shake the hand of the people who produce your food is a powerful thing.

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