Mom, how do they make tomatoes?

This was Lily’s query to me a few days ago.  I will do my best to report the conversation.

Me:  they grow from seeds

L: who make’s the seeds?

Me: the plant makes them so there can be more tomatoes

L: who made the tomatoes to start with?

M:  that is a bit of a mystery and a miracle too. You hear people talk about miracle’s all the time, but a tomato is a true miracle.  how can it be that a tiny little seed can grow a whole plant?  you know that one tomato plant can grow a LOT of tomatoes.   remember the johnny Appleseed song from school that has the word “lord” in it. 

L:  yes, we have talked about that before

Me: Right, and I said that for me “nature” is the lord, not a person, but the life force that is in us and in the plants and the animals.

L:  know, I know

Me:  you may find it hard to believe this, but everything that is magical and important  in this world is already right here.  We are very lucky to love each other so much and to live in this beautiful place.  When we went for a walk tonight we saw many, many miracles.  We saw a garter snake in the brush pile.  It is a miracle that he can hibernate all winter long and re-emerge in the spring.  We also saw how some insects can turn leaves into cocoons.   We saw beautiful, delicate spider webs.  We were lucky this spring to be able to hold baby rabbits, newborn kittens and a baby vole in our hands.  All of these things are miracles.  Just like you are a miracle.   I have seen lots of places and done many things and none of them are a miraculous to me as our family and our little farm.  Everything we need is here and it is our job to care for this place and appreciate the beauty and joys of it.   I have never been happier.  Being your mommy and daddy’s wife and living on this farm is everything that I want.  The purpose of life is to be happy and to learn and we do that everyday.   We call this Small Wonder Farm because it is full of small wonders like you.

(at this point she had her fill of mommy emotion and changed the subject—I’m sure she was thinking, geez, I just asked about tomatoes.)

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