High Tunnel–Phase One

ground posts are in, 14 total, 7 on each side. 2 rows 20 feet apart and spaced 6 feet apart. Thanks to Paco and Longhouse Farm's loan, they are sunk 4 feet into the ground
pound, pound, pound
the hoop bender on loan from Longhouse Farm
using the hoop benderhoop bender makes this part a breeze
Phase one is almost complete.  Hoops are done and bolted together.  We need to insert them into ground posts and bolt those in as well (insurance).  Then 3 purlins (think of these as the spine that holds all the ribs together) will be connected to provide strength and support. One will run right down the middle and one on each side (about halfway between the center and the ground post).
each hoop consists of three 10'6" chain link fence top rails that are then bolted together, there will be 7 hoops

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