One Year Old!

Here is the picture that started it all. It’s nearly fall and that means that this blog is one year old.  Thanks to any and all who read.  I really enjoy sharing my farm triumphs, disasters, and lessons.

The triumphs, disasters, and lessons keep coming and I am happier than I ever could have imagined.  The more I integrate myself into the natural ebbs and flows of the farm, the more filled with joy I become.  So, here’s a toast to the farm and our journey.  I will raise a glass of homemade grape and berry juice to some of the highlights:

Here’s to the triumphs:  A pantry and freezers full of the best quality and most flavorful food possible, a family getting healthier all the time, a 5 acre haven for creatures great and small, and an opportunity to share the joys and lessons with restaurant customers, friends, and now, 3 classes of Kindergardners.

Here’s to Disasters:  2 years  of abysmal tomato harvests, 10 gallons of peeled tomatoes scorched, guinea hens that drove the hens not to lay,  goats who we lost after weeks of nursing them, the disappearance of our kitten Luciano, 3 baby rabbits perishing in a storm

Here’s to the Lessons: first and foremost, the joy and reward of hard physical labor, the pure joy of life and the small miracles we witness daily, the knowledge that we have all that we need


Yesterday was spent canning juice thanks to a wonderful friend who shared her “extra” concord grapes.  I steamed away–adding some of my freezers plentiful stocks of raspberries, blackberries,a nd blueberries.  In the end, I got 13 quarts of juice and only a few burns.

Here is the link back to juicing from last fall:

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