High Tunnel Success

Sides rolled and ready!


It’s done!!  The only thing left is to cover the ends when the real cold comes.  For now, we need the circulation.  Putting the plastic on was really simple.  Paco used some long boards to support it as he rolled it out along the top purlin.  I helped him pull down the sides and then we secured it with wiggle wire and channel.  This took a bit of back and forth, but not too bad.  The only problem happened when it was all on.  The wind was enough that the 4  corners seemed to shift just enough to allow the plastic to rip small holes against the wire.  We rolled the sides up to the hip-boards (ours should be called shoulder board).  The pictures tell the story well. 

The real excitement for me was seeing a skeleton become a real structure.  I am so looking forward to winter days spent in warm, humid, light filled splendor.  Maybe I have found the cure to the winter blues.  I know not much will grow in January and February due to lack of sufficient light, but that does not mean I can’t enjoy the warmth and light.  We just added 720 square feet of living space to our home.  

rolling out plastic along the top purlin--notice the long boards on top supporting it



securing the ends


"wiggle wire" securing plastic into channelalmost done---still pulling the plastic tight


prepping beds for next year--stirrup hoe


Broad fork---step on bar to sink into soil and rock it back to loosen ans aerate



Johnny's "Green Manure" Fall Mix


I got two more beds in the garden ready for cold weather.  I pulled spent crops and weeds.  Used my new broadfork to loosen them up and the stirrup hoe to break up clods.  Then I seeded with Johnny’s Fall Green Manure Mix.  This is a cover crop mix that will provide organic matter to the soil and fix nitrogen while controlling erosion.  Some of the plants will grow fast now, winterkill, and break down into the soil.  Others will regrow in spring and I will turn them into the soil as early food for next year’s crops. 

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