A New Sort of Egg

When you are closely involved with the production of food, you get to witness regularly the broad variety of nature.  Not only do eggs come in colors other than white or brown, they come in many sizes and even odd shapes.  I have seen eggs that are laid with no shell, some as tiny as a robin’s egg, some so large that they cannot be put into a carton, and many with funny shapes.  We had one this week that looked as though it had been flattened on one side and was puckered all around.  It looks more like a mushroom than an egg.  The advantage–there is no way it can roll off the counter.  Here’s to variety!!  Factory farming has lulled us in to some sense that nature is controlled uniformity when nothing could be further from the truth.

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2 Comments on “A New Sort of Egg

  1. Dearest Kirsten,
    I think the picture of the stacked eggs is GORGOUS! The colors in all of thier variety and the muted against the wet. Lovely! I look forward to sitting underneath it at the resturant!
    Andrea G.

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