Baby Blizzard

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We were right on the edge of the 2011 blizzard snow/freezing rain line.  One hour north of us got 9 foot drifts, one hour south got crippling ice storm.  We had nearly 12 hours of sleet and a little icing topped with a few inches of fluffy snow.  Poor hubby spent 5 hours on the garden tractor digging us out. Because what we got was sleet, it was like moving rock.  it was so heavy he could only shave off about a foot or so at a time down our lane.  He is dreaming of a bigger garden tractor.  I’m not saying that is called for……

The animals did fine and the high tunnel is withstanding the weight of all that snow and ice.  Now temps are going to plummet and the farm will be covered in hard royal frosting.  Lily decided to go dance in it in her socks.  Lovely girl.

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