The New Guy In Town

Our new dog has obviously made himself at home.  Dubbed “Norton” when rescued in NC late last fall, we have not yet settled on a name—it morphs daily from Chicharo (Spanish for pea), Chicharon (Spanish for pork rinds), and Nopales (cactus paddles).  I like Nopales.  We already have a goat named Horton, so keeping Norton did not seem like a good idea.  He was rescued from being put down in a shelter in NC– having been dumped in a drop slot there.  He is about 7 years old.  He had bad teeth, many were pulled, and he even broke his jaw.

He is very affectionate, would love to be held all day and LOVES to burrow.  He has taken to burying himself in the laundry pile.  He sleeps under the covers.  His built-in pacifier is his back thigh.  He will put as much of his back thigh in his mouth as possible and relax that way.  He was definitely mistreated.  Sudden movements make him cringe.  I am glad we can give him a good home and lots of love.

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