Scaffolding for Zucchino Rampicante

trellis scaffolding in one of the raised beds of the main garden for the zuchinno rampicante

For reasons I don’t understand, trellises are almost always insanely priced.  Last year, I purchased wooden trellises that had originally been $22 for $3 each from my local Ace Hardware when they were trying to get rid of all the garden stuff at the end of the season.  I bought every one they had.  Paco rolled his eyes when he saw them, but I knew they would be great scaffolding for climbers like cucumbers and my favorite vining zucchini—Zuchino Rampicante.  It is also known as Tromboncino. It is much firmer than a regular zucchini and can also be used as a winter squash-and it makes excellent noodles.  I am growing 2 vines in the high tunnel and 2 in raised beds in the main garden.  These monster vines should be quite happy.

It also serves as a reminder to check out garden centers late in the season to grab the deals.

trellises tied together to form a zuchinno rampicante tower

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